• Toyota Yaris Hybrid Test Drive

    Today, my 2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid arrived at Evans Halshaw in Middlesbrough, and I was invited to test drive it. We first planned to give it a blast up the A19 but when I mentioned Christine hadn’t seen it, Mab, the salesman, suggested I drive home and show it to Christine. Christine checked the back seat space, the boot space, then sat in the driver’s seat. I hope she will drive it when we take delivery, probably next Monday.

    Its first real outing will be in early April when we plan a visit to the lakes. My first job will be to get Toyota to fit the matching ‘Go’ SatNav.

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  • Panasonic Cashback

    Park Cameras have started their annual Panasonic cashback offer with up to £200 off selected cameras.  Please follow this affiliate link: https://www.parkcameras.com/lp/panasonic-cashback

    If you purchase a camera, like my Panasonic G80 through the link, I get commission on the sale without it costing you anything!



Gondolas lined up at the Grand Canal near St. Mark's Squae



Fortress in Vigo