Today’s Small Shopping Trip

My favourite shop, even though they haven't updated the Scan and Shop to use the new QR code on the key fobs.

First, the 16GB SD Card for Christine's camera (hiding under the shopping list) then the fruit and veg.

Next was my Fat Free Greek Style Yoghurt which I have every Sunday, except when we're away, like last Sunday for yet another failed Hot Air Balloon trip!

Now milk, which goes on my Porage or Weetabix, in my tea and in out managed potato.

Finally, the low WW Smart Point Snacks. Christine loves the Yoghurt Breaks, I love the Fudge Brownies.

Today’s shopping trip

The 7 Way Camera adapter I bough from Amazon Marketplace didn't work, so I had to send it back.

I decided I needed an Apple Camera Connection kit to get photos into my upcoming new iPad Pro, so pre-ordered a USB one from PC World.

So, it was off to PC World in Skippers Lane where I picked up it up.

Meanwhile Christine checked a few sales (of course!). Supposed to be looking for Navy Blue shoes to go with a new dress. I followed round to find her in Outfit.

Last, but not least we went to do a big shop in Tesco by which time it was raining, so the shot was taken under cover!

Then it was home with this lot.

Visit to the Doctor

I had a phone call asking me to see Doctor Ahmed at the surgery to discuss the results of last week's blood tests. This sent shivers up my spine, but off I went this morning.

I needn't have worried. The alarm level for my PSAvis 18 and it was 6.5, so I've just to come back in 6 months for another test. He also OK'ed my current tablets and anti-histamine on repeat prescription for another 12 months. Phew!